Q. What is ‘Video Preview’?

A. A video preview is a specifically generated video outline that helps viewers click more confidently by highlighting the story. It is generated programmatically based on computer vision and AI algorithms which pick the highlights of the movie.

They aren’t like the traditional movie trailers that you are familiar with from your TV and movie theater experiences; nor are they animated gifs, which are mostly used for online advertisements. Vid.Watch’s proven numbers show that people, who see our video previews, not only watch more but are engaged more.

Q. I saw video previews on YouTube, are they using Vid.Watch’s technology?

A. No, Google has its own video previews solution that they provide to Google Search, YouTube and Gmail. Displaying video previews has become a world standard in 2017 and all tech giants are now using their own video previews technology – Facebook, Oath, Netflix and many more already display video previews. Vid.Watch provides its fully-automated AI video previews solution to VOD providers, publishers and any other video content provider.

Q. Will video previews affect my clients’ CPU and other resource’ usage?

A. With our solution, your users will not complain about abuse of CPU and battery usage. We’ve developed our own highly optimized video preview player that perfectly handles any amount of video on any site, without putting any individual computer’s CPU or RAM under any undue pressure.

Q. What do I need to install on my servers in order to display video previews on my website?

A. Nothing! No integration is required. You only need to add one line of JS to your website.

Q. How does Vid.Watch pick the highlights of each movie?

A. Vid.Watch uses computer vision and AI algorithms to pick the highlights of each movie. It analyzes the movie, its content, sound, meta data, users’ preferences, historical information and additional external information to make intelligent decisions in picking the highlights of each movie. The result is a superior video preview that maximizes your users engagement.

Q. We upload hundreds of videos each day to our websites, can Vid.Watch handle it?

A. Vid.Watch is a built-to-scale platform. It can handle any amount of movies and any amount of users and views, providing an amazing user experience and best performance out there.

Q. Which devices does Vid.Watch support?

A. Vid.Watch supports all type of devices. Including low end devices, mobile web and mobile native apps.

Q. Which browsers does Vid.Watch support?

A. Vid.Watch is a cross-browser platform and supports any type of browser.

Q. Does Vid.Watch provide support in iOS/Android?

A. Yes. We have recently launched mobile SDKs for iOS and Android (beta). Vid.Watch already supports mobile web, including on low end devices.

Q. We would like to test Vid.Watch on our staging platform first. Would that be possible?

A. Sure. Create an account on our website, no credit card is required. here.

Q. Does Vid.Watch support low end devices?

A. Yes we do!

Q. Does Vid.Watch support Mobile Web?

A. Yes we do! Works on low end devices as well.

Q. Where can I see Vid.Watch’s video previews in production?

Contact us at info@vid.watch and we will refer you to some of our world class brand clients’ websites and mobile apps.

Q. Does Vid.Watch support mobile native apps?

A. Yes! Join our Beta. E-mail us at mobileSDKs@vid.watch

Q. What do I need to do so video previews will start displaying on my website?

A. Once you added the one line of JS to your website, you immediately start seeing video previews on your website.

Q. How can I compare Vid.Watch’s performance with my current performance?

A. Vid.Watch enhances you with an A/B testing solution and Analytics Dashboard so it will be easy for you to compare our solution’s performance to your existing performance.

Q. Can your A/B testing service compare between Vid.Watch solution’s performance and my existing animated gif solution?

A. Yes!

Q. Can your A/B testing service compare between Vid.Watch solution’s performance and my existing video previews solution?

A. Yes!

Q. What’s the difference between my existing animated gifs solution and Vid.Watch?

A. Animated gif has lower quality than video because of its frame rates and image quality limitations. The size of an animated gif, even if you managed to make it look as if it’s a video (and that can happen on very specific conditions), would weigh 5-10 times more than a video. If you play multiple videos on your website and want to provide your entire audience an excellent user experience, video is the best solution. Read more on this subject on our blog.

Q. Can video previews help me monetize?

A. Yes! You can customize your video previews to promote product placement, Replace some of them with external paid content, add call-to-action at the end of your video previews and most importantly, video previews increases your click-through-rates. If your’e mostly interested in promoting your paid content, you can choose to autoplay video previews only to your paid content.

Q. Is it possible to integrate the video previews’ analytics with our own analytics solution (such as MixPanel or Google Analytics)?

A. Yes. We enhance our customers with events API for integration with external analytics solutions. For more information, ask your account manager at Vid.Watch or email us at info@vid.watch.

Q. Do you deliver your video previews through a CDN service?

A. Sure. How can we not.

Q. Will it increase my CDN costs?

A. No. Video previews are served via tier-1 CDN service included in our subscription.

Q. Can I customize some of my video previews?

A. Yes. We gear our customers with Editorial Control that allows them to customize their video previews. For example, to promote product placement.

Q. What level of control do I have on video previews?

A. You can decide where to display video previews on your website, mobile web and mobile app and if to display them with autoplay/mouseover/autoplay+mouseover. You can customize your video previews to include specific scenes, add call-to-action at the end of the video preview, replace them completely with external video you provide and decide on which device type to display them: desktop/mobile-web/mobile native.

Q. I have special requests for my video previews generation, will you be able to support it?

A. Sure. Discuss with the team about your needs and you may be surprised that we already support it. Vid.Watch supports multiple templates for video previews generation and tailored customization is possible.

Q. Can I share video previews on our social networks pages?

A. Yes! We provide social network integration with multiple social networks. For more information, email us at info@vid.watch

Q. I’d like to autoplay Vid.Watch’s video previews only my paid content areas. Can I?

A. Of course. Vid.Watch let’s you decide wether to display video previews on your entire online video content or on specific areas (like paid content areas). It also lets you choose if to play the video previews on mouseover/autoplay/mouseover+autoplay.

Q. Do I need to notify Vid.Watch whenever I upload videos to my website?

A. No. Vid.Watch handles everything for you, in a super intelligent and efficient way. All you need to do is add one line of JS to your website and enjoy the magic!

Q. I want to display 3-seconds video previews on my website in slow-motion. Is it possible?

A. Sure. Vid.Watch supports multiple templates for video previews generation. Just tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

Q. I’d like to add video previews on my website ASAP. When can I have it ready?

A. Vid.Watch can onboard you in less than 24h. Contact us at onboard@vid.watch.

Q. Do I need to pay for a trial on my website?

A. No. Vid.Watch offers you 30-days free trial, no need to provide credit card details. All you need to do is to create an account and accept our terms of use here.

Q. Can I test your solution on a demo environment?

A. Yes! Contact us at info@vid.watch and we will set a live demo for you.

Q. I have additional questions about your solution. Who should I speak with?

A. Email us at info@vid.watch and we would love to answer any question.